“We do a lot of roadside work for councils, shires and local government. We use the Warlord where it’s too tough for other machines, from my past experience it stands heads and shoulders above the rest.”


“The FlailDek processes grass so much better than a Slasher, it mulches and doesn’t leave any windrows and it goes into places a slasher can’t. It’s tough enough to mulch heavy vegetation such as blackberries and saplings.”


“I wanted an efficient mower that was also cost-effective and able to give a really good quality cut. The machine is really easy for our guys to maintain and that helps when we don’t have a full-time mechanic.”


“We’re mowing 7 hours a day and getting large areas done quickly. It’s easily manoeuvrable and the contouring following ability of the wings and the ability to fold up them up with an in-cab transport lock is a huge advantage.”


“We love the simplicity of the Topper and it does a beautiful job! The lightness of the machine enables us to utilise our compact tractor fully and swap between implements and we like that it’s belt driven, it’s so much easier to maintain.”

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