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Commercial mower manufacturer, Trimax Mowing Systems, have this month introduced QuikLift – a unique electronic system to lift mower decks off the ground without the need to disengage the tractor PTO.

QuikLift’s features help increase efficiency and reduce maintenance. QuikLift helps eliminate turf damage by removing lateral movement of the mower rollers on the turf when making tight turns which increases yield or the turf usage area. Because of the reduction in lateral movement of the roller, bearing life is greatly increased as force on the bearing is eliminated. There are benefits for the tractor also. Because the PTO can still be engaged with the decks in the QuikLift position the operator doesn’t need to switch the PTO off and on. This greatly reduces PTO stress and reduces maintenance for the tractor itself.

The Trimax QuikLift is unique because the system utilises electrical proximity sensors to restrict the hydraulic rams from lifting. This is favourable compared to mechanical steel on steel systems which transfer high forces into the steel frame causing fatigue over time and mechanical wear points.

Quiklift is operated by a control box placed inside the cab of the tractor. Since it’s not fixed, drivers can place the control wherever they see fit for rapid operation. Decks can be lifted and dropped at the touch of a button and it’s able to be operated from the most convenient place for the driver.

For added safety the control monitors power to the QuikLift system, guarding against any possible PTO damage that may occur from unexpected power failure to the sensors. A LED Light system indicates when QuikLift is safe to operate.

Operators can fully customise QuikLift’s deck lift heights, giving them both the best user experience and operational effectiveness. With a simple adjustment between the pre-set holes located near the proximity sensors, operators can lift the deck anywhere between just off the ground and 3 feet high. This adjustment, dictated by the nature and evenness of the terrain, can speed up turns and further increase productivity.

“QuikLift is going to help our customers mow much more efficiently and is covered by our three-year warranty. And our warranty is the longest on the market, more than double what others are offering, because we stand behind our products.” ~ Bob Sievwright – Founder and CEO of Trimax Mowing Systems.

For more information on the electronic QuikLift System, or for a free demonstration please contact Trimax at 1800 874 629 or visit the Trimax Pegasus page.